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Here comes an amazing team, presenting UrbanClad, a collaboration of composure and exposure. A brand that will make you feel calm and relaxed, giving you an entire gentleman feel with an extended degree of exposure to new designs, new ideas and new colours. We offer you something that will help you preserve your worldliness in your wardrobes for years and ages. We are India’s first D2C brand in the fashion segment that provides luxurious apparel “ONLY FOR MEN”. In the vogue of glamour and fashion, we are now a part of it and are ready to rock. We are about to escape from all the middlemen in our supply chain and provide our products directly to the doorsteps of our end customers. Yes, the Customer first approach is what we’ll be looking forward to contributing to. This couture will bring out the poise in every gentleman with a glint in every ironed crease of your suit with a pinch of elegance. We work with dandy craftsmen, who have 15+ years of experience to craft the best luxurious lifestyle piece for you. We carve 90% with our hands and let machines complete 10% of the work for finishing. We are on a constant hunt to procure our fabric from the selected manufacturer across the globe who are the best in the business to come up with extraordinary investments of yours.  And the fabric quality tests are continuously in the process like the Colour bleeding test, shrinkage test etc. to know if we can move ahead with the fabric. Therefore the urbanity of our products will retain. We promote constant refinement of products to deliver the best every time,& therefore our doors will always be open to criticism and complaints.

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